Each department within your business is not an island. Quality is not Quality’s sole responsibility. Engineering Change Management is not solely Engineering’s responsibility.

We work with businesses to improve communication and gain efficiency. With departments across the business working together.

Working with Quality, Warranty, Finance, Logistics, Aftermarket, Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering, Operations, Facilities, HR, IT and Management Team.

Nash Business Systems have over 10 years of automotive development. During this time, we have learnt about the processes which exist in businesses, and where money is won and lost.

Systems we have built and implemented have allowed departments to do more with less people. This has allowed some team members to move into other areas of the business, to do more value-added work. Therefore workers who have a skill set higher than endless administrative tasks which used to consume their daily tasks.

There is no off the shelf system for many of the activities in an automotive company. The reason for this is processes are largely driven by the OEM or Tier 1 requirements. There is an underlying ITAF 16949 audit requirement, which helps to bring standards across all Automotive Suppliers. However, your implementation can depend on customers, especially with complex commodities.

We have offered guidance and support for customers who supply to BMW, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Mercedes, Toyota, Volkswagen, Subaru, Honda and Jaguar Land Rover.

Webasto Roof Systems won an award after using our ‘Customer Complaint system’ and are now recognised by one of the Leading Original Equipment Manufacturers as ‘Best Practice’.

We have implemented the following systems, which are still in use today.

  • Customer Concern Management
    • Complaint Reports, PPM, Cost, and Points
    • 8D
  • Suppliers
    • Supplier Database
    • Supplier Concerns
      • Quality
      • Logistics
    • Supplier 8Ds
    • Suppliers KPIs
    • Logistics Concerns
    • Supplier Recharge & Recovery
    • Containments
  • Warranty
    • Cost
    • Supplier Returns
    • Supplier Reminders
  • Finance
    • Debit Notes
    • Purchase Order Approvals
    • Approval Register
  • Audit System
    • Process
    • System
    • Torque
    • First Off
  • Logistics
    • Aftermarket
    • Packaging
  • Non-Conforming Material Register
  • Deviations
  • Training Matrix
  • Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Lead Time Manufacturing Area Charts
  • KPIs
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Bill of Materials
  • Maintenance Jobs and Preventative Maintenance Schedules
  • Stores
  • Problems / Actions Lists
  • Large Volumes of Data
  • Barcode Labelling

Audits are a necessity for business but is your Audit time one big headache?

Do you receive notification that the auditor is coming in to your business which is met with utter panic? Is your business and your staff spending hours of work-time preparing for an audit? If items are lost and there is no way to retrieve them would this mean an audit penalty or fail?
When the auditor visits your business do you have measures in place to ensure that their visit is smooth? During an audit visit are you organised? Do you have all the information the auditor requires? An unorganised and messy practice may give the auditor more reasons to probe. A failed audit may mean the whole process is repeated in the future meaning more work and more stress.
Before an Audit are your staff spending hours of time hunting for receipts and documents? This unorganised approach will cost your business in employee time and overtime. The increased work and burden will also place more pressure and stress on your team.
After an audit date has been announced do you find that items you need are missing? After searching files and desks do you still not have the paperwork required? When documentation is lost is there any accountability for this loss? Are you able to identify which individual has deleted a file and when?
At Nash Business Systems we have helped automotive companies of different sizes. We have helped them by implementing a system which makes the audit trail easy.
Imagine when your audit date is announced you already have all you need in place. By logging onto your system you will have all documentation ready for the Auditor. No stress and no wasted hours hunting out all you need. When the Auditor does come in they can see the system you have in place and how organised your business is.
Benefits of such organisation can be the difference between an audit pass or fail. The ability to place confidence in your customers at such a well maintained process. An system allowing staff to record and store records accurately. Does this sound like a process you would like to work too? Let us help you, contact us to begin the process. 
How does your business work? Is there one person technically supporting and controlling your spreadsheets and databases. Whilst this person is working well in your company is this process realistic long term?
Would your business suffer if they were to leave, retire, take an extended holiday or career break? Could someone else be found to take over their role?
Would this employee leaving have a massive impact on the running of your business? Would this increase your costs having to find a replacement? If they left would this increase stress within your team. Would other employees manage if this task was passed over to them? Could this task be passed to anyone else or are the skills required only present in one employee?
If this happened to your business would this impact your service to your customers? Would information be more difficult to find and response times increased? Would mistakes be made costing your customers more money leading to unhappy customers? Would this have a negative impact on your reputation which may prove hard to repair?
Another consideration for your business is your technical person doing the right job? Was this person employed as a quality manager or technical engineer? Are they spending their working days updating spreadsheets or a database. Does your business need their skills to be used which are currently not been utilised?
A system from Nash Business Systems could change how this individual works. One system which all staff could update would remove the emphasis on your one employee. Allowing them to spend their working day doing their job, rather than a part time programmer role.
The system would allow all staff to input their own data securely. Your quality engineer could then focus on their own role adding value to your business. Does this scenario sound familiar to your business. As a business owner is this situation causing concern to you? Speak to us today. Our experience in the automotive market means we can offer you guidance and support.
Is your business suffering an Excel nightmare? Are you struggling with using an excel based database in your office?
Whilst nobody can deny that Excel has many clever features and functions but is it working for you? One user using an excel system can work well. The problem begins when multiple users attempt to access one spreadsheet. Then you’re greeted with a “read only” message meaning that someone else has the file open. This means that new entries cannot be made. It also can mean inaccuracies as if checking data for a customer it may not be correct.
Another problem we have also come across for our customers is that there is no Audit trail in Excel. You cannot check when data was input and what was overwritten. You cannot see who has deleted a cell or row and when they got erased. This does not work well with audits and does not show if there is any need for staff training.
Another concern is if the actual excel file gets deleted and all your data is now lost. This would mean having to start your records all over again which will involve a lot of time and man hours. Data Security is such an important issue and Excel can be shared to an email or memory stick. This concern will disappear with a system as it cannot be duplicated.
A system from Nash Business Systems can record all the data you need. It can also produce reports, charts and graphs if required like excel. A system however offers many benefits. Allowance for many users no more “read only” messages. A full audit trail showing which user made the entries, any amendments and if parts are deleted.
A system will add security to your business. Users will need a log on for access meaning you can control who has access. The system cannot be shared via email or a memory stick meaning peace of mind that data cannot be shared.
Through our years of experience and helping businesses find the best way of working. We can help you to remove your excel nightmare. If that does sound like something you would like help to do then contact us today.

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