This week has seen the launch of the NHS Track and Trace App. With more than ten million people downloading the app since it’s launch. The App can check your symptoms. Also telling individuals if they are to self-isolate.

NHS Track and Trace App

As businesses we in many ways face the same challenges as the Government and the NHS. It is also possible for us to explore the same solution. As we are seeing with the launch of the COVID Track and Trace app. A well-crafted application can help clarify information. As a result it can even provide the correct information. And advice when needed by a group of people or workforce.

We can also see from the first version of the COVID app how important it is not to rush. The importance of making sure your application is designed correctly and works for you. But a key concern is flexibility. When you buy an off the shelf application or system does this meet your needs? Needs change and an off the shelf solution will not allow any changes.

Therefore greater flexibility can be found when the application is designed around you and your exact business needs. An app/system can adapt the way you need it too and bring greater control and flexibility.

With the increasing need for self-isolation, without a system in place your business may be losing an integral staff member. Is that employee in charge of your audits? Are they responsible for HR and payroll? Is the person missing from your team your excel guru?

Not been fully prepared for Covid and isolation can have a detrimental effect on the day to day running of your business. Will deadlines get missed? Will customers not get their promised delivery?

Now more than ever is the time to ensure the impact to your business is small. Do not let these unknown times takeover. Reduce your stress and speak to us about how a system can ensure continuous working and your usual high standards.

Be ready for the impact to your business.

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