Keeping your customers happy

Today we are focusing on customer service, this can be difficult for businesses to manage. Businesses have many different methods to ensure customers are kept happy.

A popular option is the use of a CRM – a Customer Relationship Management tool. There are many versions in the marketplace which you can purchase and set up yourself. These can help monitor customer orders, trends and help you when issues arise.

The idea of a CRM is to put the customer at the centre of the relationship, to ensure that you know everything about your customer, who to speak to, previous successes and issues with them. All in one central place for all your staff to see.

However, using a CRM doesn’t mean an instant improvement within your business. You can only effectively serve your customers if your team actively use the system. If the system isn’t getting updated, then important data can be missed. This could potentially escalate a complaint further.

It is also worth remembering that a CRM is only as useful as the data it holds. Having little data input into the system will not help your team when they refer to it. Consistency is key when using a CRM successfully in business.

A CRM which is used by all your team members can greatly improve efficiency in your business. Issues can be dealt with proactively providing better service to customers. Systems can also help with new customer onboarding, sales opportunities, a contact log and complaint resolution.

When choosing the correct CRM for your business you should consider what works for you now but also what will work in the future. You should always consider that as your business grows will our CRM grow with us, or will it need to be replaced in the future? A replacement later down the line could mean further administration and staff training.

When using an off the shelf CRM your business is at the mercy of that design. Having a CRM which is Bespoke and tailored to your needs can be hugely beneficial. The system can really focus on what your business needs and can grow alongside you. If you need a special feature in place such as a renewal date or customer referral section, it can be added.

One feature a customer of ours mentioned was “The contact log feature is really useful as we can see what conversations have been had with our clients and who is dealing with queries. This makes it easier to deal with the client’s requests and makes it a better customer experience.” Charlotte – Customer Service Manager – Unico 3.

If your business is wanting to improve relationships with customers, then a CRM could be a really important tool for you.

Keeping your customers happy
Make your customer relationships stronger

If you would like to speak to us about our software development services please contact us.

Taking Pride in What We Do

At Nash Business Systems we always strive to provide an excellent service. Delivering exemplary systems. We always love to hear from users of our systems and how they make an impact on their working routine. Our team taking pride in what we do and all we achieve.

At Christmas time we received a gift from our customer Unico 3. We have worked with Unico 3 for a few years now and have watched their business go from strength to strength. The gift was a booklet from their team telling us all the things they like about the system we have developed.

Unico 3 provide outsourced expertise in accountancy, administration, compliance, and contractor support. We have supported them as their business has grown and gone from strength to strength. Developing a user-friendly system ensuring their processes streamlined and efficient.

We wanted to share some of the features we have included within a system.

Businesses often have several spreadsheets full of information. These can be difficult to maintain and can often loose information if unsaved. Moving away from Excel and into a computer system is beneficial. The information can be stored in a central database. All the information could be combined within the same system. Allowing easy updates and multiple users.

When we learn about business processes, we advise where automating a task can save your business time. With Unico 3 we learnt that one process took over 2 hours to complete, which was repeated 400 times a quarter. That is a lot of employee time for your business. We automated this process, so it now takes no time.

Save hours of time for your business tasks

Another way a system can help is with complicated calculations. When done manually these can take a lot of time and often leads to errors. Humans are not robots and mistakes are expected occasionally. When part of a system these can be calculated by any member of your team. The control in the system means errors are removed and the process is much quicker for staff to complete.

When we complete a system for customers, we always want their feedback. We continue to support them as their business grows and changes need to be made. We like to know their current headaches at work and to see how changes to systems can help them.

Receiving the booklet from Unico 3 was simply brilliant! Our whole team loved reading it and enjoyed all the fantastic comments, we all felt very proud. To know what a difference the systems we have built have made to people in their working lives is so rewarding. As a team we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction with everything we build.

We are looking for new businesses to speak with. To advise how we could help your working practices and remove your daily headaches. We can tailor a system for all your needs. An off the shelf CRM system leaves you at the mercy of that design. A bespoke system could be what you need and what will work for you. Why not contact us to find out more.

Thank you Unico 3 for your kind words

We are Nash Business Systems.

You may have spotted us on Linked In or heard about us from a colleague, in this article learn more about us.

Nash Business Systems was formed in 2010 by Mark Nash. A computer programmer, specialising in Web development and SQL. Nash Business Systems first ever project was for an automotive business. Mark was called in by the plant manager for a way to solve some excel issues. Mark made a set of excel spreadsheets into robust easy to use software. Preventing loss of reputation and reducing costs. This project was so successful that it led to more projects within the business. Saving employee time through automated tasks.

We began to work with many other businesses. Helping them replace slow working practices with automated easy to use systems. We enjoy hearing about the challenges business owners face daily. Our expertise and experience allows us to offer system-based solutions which drive efficiency.

Starting in Redditch our work has expanded across the West Midlands and beyond. We also work with businesses in the USA and across Europe. We understand all problems and can find a way to help your business every time. All work is carried out in house by our team of developers.

We have worked across many business sectors including Automotive, manufacturing, logistics, engineering.

Our new products have been designed and developed with businesses in mind. With our expertise and knowing the issues which cause businesses problems.

The Audit All System helping businesses with auditing and compliance. The system ensures the right people have the right information at the right time. Saving hours of audit preparation for staff in a business. Users have commented that when audit time arrives it is simple. The data they need is instantly available.

The Gateway System is a new product we have recently completed. An easy-to-use project management system. This system helps a team follow a process with ease. Making sure that everything your team needs is all in one central place. Streamlining your processes and ensuring all your team work effectively in unison.

Our Document Management System is easy to use and ensures all your documents are in one place. Having these documents to hand is a super-efficient way to work. Including forms, work instructions, process flows, process FMEAs, control plans, standard operating procedures (SOP), pdfs and images.

We believe that the products we have created will benefit businesses. Streamlining processes and driving growth through efficiency. If you would like to know more about Nash Business Systems or any of our products, please get in touch.

Lockdown 2 – Helping your employees to work from home.

We are now part way through the first half of Lockdown 2. Many workers are now working back at home. Other workers have been working from home since the original lockdown in March. At Nash Business Systems we often talk about work systems. Having the right system in your business to maximise efficiency. We also understand that during these unknown times good mental well-being is a major factor for your employees.

We have spoken to our team and come up with some ideas we wanted to share.

Have good daily routine

Treat your workday morning routine as if you were going into your workplace. Have a shower, eat a good breakfast, and get dressed. This will prepare you to enter your usual work mode.

Take regular breaks throughout your working day. Eat healthy snacks and take time to have lunch away from your desk. Eating healthily will keep your energy levels up therefore making your working day more successful.

Your Workspace

If you can set up an area to be your dedicated workspace. It is recommended that this should if possible be out of your lounge/living room. If possible, use an office chair, this will help with comfort and posture more than a dining chair will. Keep your workspace uncluttered and clear. This will help to focus on your work tasks and not your home life tasks. If you live with other people establish some basic ground rules about noise levels and not interfering with work documents or equipment. Music can also help in your workspace. A background noise such as music or the radio can increase concentration levels. It can also help when performing monotonous tasks to aid concentration.


Working outside the office loses the social interaction with your team. It is important for employees to keep this contact with their team leaders and their fellow team members. Stay connected via services like Microsoft Teams or Zoom. This will allow employees to easily discuss their work, problem solve and increase social interactions. Take a team virtual coffee break, all get together and spend a few minutes with a drink talking about family, pets, hobbies, lockdown, and life. This social interaction will benefit employees, lift energy and well being levels Team leaders could organise virtual quiz nights for staff members, or film nights where all the team watch the same film and discuss the following day. It is important to include all team members and ensure that the social aspect of work life is not lost when employees are at home.

Get Outside

We would highly recommend taking time to get outside every day, experts recommend a twenty-minute walk will boost energy levels. Pilates and Yoga are great exercises you can perform at home with not much space.

Friends and Family

Lockdown is restricting us from close contact with our Friends and Family. It is important for well being to keep in touch via phone, social media, and virtual calls. For instance a family WhatsApp group is a great way to share messages and photos. Keeping in touch easily with your loved ones.

Focus on your Team

We hope some of these ideas can help employers focus on their employees at this time. A great system of work relies on a productive work force. 2020 has proved a challenging year for businesses across many levels. Keeping in touch with your team can improve motivation. A phone call or message to check in can make an employee feel valued. In conclusion keeping your team focused, secure and happy is an important part of that challenge.