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Customers are the heart of every business. Ensure your relationship remains strong with the Customer Relationship Management System.

A CRM could be the key to tie all your systems and procedures together. You can manage your employees, your processes and your customer care. All these aspects in one easy to use and manage system.

Why not buy an off the shelf system? These may be free at the outset but will require a significant amount of time to set up correctly. There may also be additional costs to add on the features you actually need. With a management system from Nash Business Systems we build your system around your unique business. You get our expertise to support you in designing your system from the ground up molded around your business.

Nash Business Systems are based in Redditch and we offer you direct contact with your programmer building your system. We get to know you and your business to ensure the right system based on your requirements. We know a new system can be scary but with our expertise we relieve your fears by  providing prototypes and demos along the design process and will stay with you throughout the journey. We can even offer training when the system is ready to use.

Every software development company will tell you they are the best. We are a close and experienced team and deliver fast quality software with minimal downtime. Why do our customers choose us? We’re really good and we deliver exactly what’s required on time! We immerse ourselves within your team getting to know your business and all the possibilities you have to grow. We are passionate about our customer service and guarantee you will have a direct link with your programmer for the whole journey with Nash Business Systems making sure the System we deliver is exactly what you needed.

Once your system is completed you will have full Code Ownership. Meaning no monthly licence fees and long term contracts. It’s your system and if your system needs change and your business grows we can adapt that system to grow alongside you. We have saved our customers money and time once our system is in place and we continue to work alongside you for any further changes or support you may require.

You may have already considered an ‘off the shelf system’. You have researched what is available on the market and it just doesn’t match your working procedures. Alternatively you may have already purchased an off the shelf system which is costly and just doesn’t do the job you need it to.

One customer who came to us had purchased a system for their manufacturing business. This was an off the shelf system and not designed uniquely for their business. The system whilst making some aspects of their work easier also created issues for them.

The manufacturer found that the measurements on the system were in a different unit to their machinery. Calculations to convert the units led to inaccuracies and when materials were cut they often did not measure up to size. As a result materials were wasted at a high cost to the customer and jobs took longer than they should have leading to wasted employee time and delays for their customers.

The system charged the manufacturer each time they did a measurement. Over time this became very costly adding increased costs to each job. Each job needed money adding to the quote to cover these costs which as a result led to the manufacturer charging more and becoming less competitive over other suppliers.

Software tables in the system were not user specific and therefore not user friendly. Information which had been stored was more difficult to locate and not easy to identify.

Another part of the system was the print outs the manufacturer received. These often came out with errors in and the layout wasn’t consistent. Any business when delivery quotations to customers needs them to be accurate and professional in appearance. This would mean having to manually produce documents to ensure they are professional. A system which does not do the correct tasks you need it to costs your business more time and therefore more money.

When we sat down with the manufacturer we discussed all these issues and what the client really needed. A bespoke system meant that all these problems could be solved. The need to pay for each measurement has gone leading to less cost per quote and increasing their competitive advantage. We worked with them and their employees to understand how their quotes and print outs should look and included this in their system.

If this sounds like you and your business then contact us, we are ready to help you. To push your business forward and enable growth.

As a business owner you know how important staff are to completing what you need to do. You need your staff to be performing to their best ability for their role. Yet you find that your staff are finding it hard to work efficiently with the systems in place currently.
It may be the case that your skilled and high wage employees are doing simple tasks which take up their time. Do you have your quality manager typing out duplicate emails everyday? Is your team leader entering simple data into many different spreadsheets or databases? Is your managing director working overtime to compile records for your upcoming audit?
If you have answered yes to these then let Nash Business Systems help you. We can work with your team and learn what they need and design a system for you. You will no longer need to type and send the same email over and over again. We can create an easy to use database system which can all staff can use with ease. We can put in place a system which means your audits will be ready to go at any given time.
As a result your mangers can focus on their skills and abilities. They can do the job your business needs them to do. Imagine the extra hours your business can gain by automating these daily tasks. Your employees will then be free to skillfully complete their role.
A system will also increase the accuracy of your work gaining greater efficiency. This can help with audit scores, quality management and working efficiently.
If this sounds like a problem your business is experiencing then contact us today. Our experience of working with businesses means that we know what will help. At Nash Business Systems we offer a free consultancy to businesses within 30 miles of our office. We can visit you, discuss your issues and offer solutions. We have worked with a variety of business types and we are sure we can help your business to.

Has your business been using paper for years and years? Are your offices jam packed with filing cabinets? Is your paper based filing messy and inaccurate?

When you first started your business paper files were cheap, easy and quick to use. Now your business is much bigger is paper still working for you? Do you have paperwork which is all over your employees desks? Are your offices full of filing cabinets which have no more room? Could this be the time your business needs to make a change to continue to grow?
A system could allow you to move all your data on to an easy to use, secure system removing the need for paper files. As a result this would save on printing costs and storage costs. Whether that is filing cabinets taking up space in your offices or off site archive costs.
Another concern with paper is it can often go missing and may even get destroyed. There is no audit trail and accountability with paper files. If at the time of an audit a document is requested which you cannot find it may have consequences. You may fail the audit or have measures put in place for a better practice.
Paper filing can also make other tasks very time consuming. If you need to extract a set of figures or results this can take a lot of time. To provide a manager with a holistic view of the business at one time will be very time consuming. A system could produce this information within seconds. Can your business afford all this extra time for these sometimes daily tasks?
Our experience has also shown us that our customers have lots of meetings where they need data to hand. Paper files whilst not necessarily difficult to transport can cause problems. You may have missed a paper file which then comes up in your meeting. Without the file you have no way of recalling the information or accessing it. An electronic system on your laptop or smart phone would not have this issue. The data would be available to hand when required.
Another problem with a paper file is that whilst you are at your meeting nobody else in the office can access it. They would have to wait until the staff member at the meeting returns. This could cause delays where as a system would mean that many users could access the files.
It is also worth mentioning that a paper file is not secure. If left in the car or on a desk at a customers premises it could be viewed by other people. Data could be taken if the file becomes misplaced. This is another concern for businesses which a secure electronic system would remove. With password protection and user log on.
Do these paper problems sound familiar to your office? Are you concerned about the space and time paper takes up. If yes then why delay contact us and we can help you move towards a digital, secure system. Our experience means we understand and care about this problem and we can help you move forward. Contact us today and let’s talk about your issues and ideas. 

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