Facilities management is an ever changing task list. As jobs come in, job statuses update and contractors complete the job. Such a quick moving industry needs precise management. You need to ensure you keep your customers happy.
We have produced a live system for customers in this industry. The live system means a reactive method of working for the business. You have full control over jobs, booking, current status and assigned contractor.
This whole view of all aspects of your case load improve efficiency and allows control. Your customer care levels will increase as you have the ability to find answers to queries. You will be able to appoint contractors to a job and see the current status of the job.
Bookings will also be much simpler with a system. All the information is view able on one page and can be chased up or updated. If moving away from a paper file and email system a one view is much simpler.
A system will increase your businesses capacity, you can take on more customers and more jobs. Our experience will allow us to show you how you can maximise efficiency. We can help you display live data in your office. We can automate forms to save your employees hours of time over the working week.
A system will also allow you to have an excellent audit trail. Making it easy to recall jobs and information about a particular job. This is especially useful if needing to review a job or contractor involved. Historical jobs and data are stored easily and securely. With no need to take up space in your office through filing cabinets.
If you would like to discuss how we can help your facilities management company contact us. We can help your perform better, maximising efficiency and pushing growth. We work alongside your business and your staff creating the system you need.
As a business owner you know how important staff are to completing what you need to do. You need your staff to be performing to their best ability for their role. Yet you find that your staff are finding it hard to work with the systems in place currently.
Are your staff typing out the same email over and over again? Completing the same form many times each day. Is this need to repeat tasks taking up most of your employees time each day?
If you have answered yes to these then let Nash Business Systems help you. We can work with your team and learn what they need and design a system for you. You will no longer need to type and send the same email over and over again. We can create an easy to use database system which can all staff can use with ease.
We have worked with other facilities companies to automate their emails and forms. Allowing staff to work and focus on other tasks. As a result this will allow your business to work more efficiently. Ensuring your tasks are promptly completed.
My business has so many jobs that need completing and I only have a few staff. I find that at the end of each day I am having to finish off outstanding jobs due to not enough time to complete them.
Nash Business Systems can show you how a system can increase your capacity. This is without the need for extra staff costs or overtime costs.
We can help you find ways to work more efficiently. To make the best use of the employee time you have each day. Ensure that as a business owner your work life balance is improved with less working from home.
A system can automate your processes, complete one form instead of several. It can automatically produce emails, send email chasers and text message reminders.
Other easy to use functions can be included for example chasing contractors. You can include search functions – location search, job number search, date search. These are easy to use and much simpler than an email or paper based search.
Several users can access a system at once, no longer been held back by “read only” spreadsheets. Dealys can cost your business time and money and may impact on your customers. A system will allow a prompt response time increasing customer satisfaction. Without the need for lots more staff and therefore increased operating costs.
If these problems sound like your business and you would like to learn more about a system contact us today. We will visit you and begin to learn about your business and find out how we can help you.

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