Manufacturing companies are unique. Many of the processes are likely to be standard off the shelf systems. What about those parts of your system that exist in Excel, Paper, and Presentations? Is this the cause of most of your frustration? Inaccurate, difficult to manage, time consuming, and the cause of failure?
This is where we create bespoke software to fill those gaps and give you back your time. A system can grow with your business to ensure maximum control and efficiency.
From product design, quotation, cutting lists, through to assembly and invoice, our systems will help you to save time and money. If you find yourself saying “I wish this existed” or “I wish I could do this”, then find out if you can, contact us.
A customer came to us because his current software from the United States did not do the job! Needed to design interior window shutters it had too many errors and gaps.
He had a list of things that it could not do and a list of errors. Coupled with the time difference causing support issues. Alongside measurements all being in inches, the US solution was not good enough. The system was also difficult to use.
We recognised that there were opportunities to improve the process and clarity. This was through the outputs from the system. Once we began to design the system it became clear it needed and end to end solution. This involves a quotation through to invoice solution, incorporating all steps including manufacturing.
We spotted opportunities to make improvements that resulted in less waste. In both materials and time. Both factors if not accurate can cost your business money. In such a price competitive industry greatest efficiency is key.
We have met businesses who pay a monthly fee or a pay as you use fee for their systems. Working in this way may benefit your business when it first starts as outlay will be smaller. However as your business grows it can prove a very costly way to work.
A monthly subscription means your business has a monthly cost to working. This cost would then need to have other costs such as rent, staffing, materials added to it. All these costs increase your break even price.
Our experience has shown us that a system which was not designed for your business is not always the best fit. Your monthly subscription may mean you are paying for lots of features which you do not need.
We have also met with businesses who have a system which is from another country. This has caused problems with accuracy when measuring and cutting material. The business found that measurements were not accurate leading to errors and waste. The company were having lots of wasted material which was not the correct size. This inefficient working lead to an increase in costs and a rise in their cost price. Meaning they were becoming less competitive and making less profit.
An off the shelf monthly system does not always do what you need. You may already have a system in place which you subscribe to but you are having to do other tasks elsewhere. Invoicing isn’t included and you are having to calculate and produce invoices. This is taking up time which you could use elsewhere.
A one off bespoke system which is tailored around your business could be what you need. At Nash Business Systems we will come in and see your business. Learn about your procedures and what your business needs to operate efficiently. We can include invoicing, emailing, measuring and cutting into the system we design. No more wasted materials or time. Maximising efficiency and pushing you forward to enable growth.
If you are stuck with a system you can only use part of then speak to us. We will come and review what you have and advise what we think you need. We have saved our customers money and time and we know we can help your business.
Is your business struggling to complete tasks for your customers? Is this causing delays, penalties from your customer or loss of contracts? Are your profits been lost with penalties and time taken to redo the task again?
We were contacted by a company who had it’s operators packing parts. These parts were from an Injection Moulding Machine into trays. There were six trays to a box. The customer found the Common issues were putting the wrong handed part in the wrong box. Not filling a tray with the required quantity, and not completing all trays in a box. As a result the business was being penalised by their customers. This was in the form of a complaint report and expensive containment costs.
Nash Business Systems was called into the business by the managing director. We sat with them and talked about the problems and why they felt this was going wrong so often? We saw the process for ourselves, immersing our programmers into the business. This allowed us to experience where errors were occurring.
We implemented a barcoding and barcode scanning system. This ensures operators are tracked in their activity. Also preventing the wrong parts from going in the wrong box. And preventing the operator moving onto the next layer.
The solution was fast to put in place for our customer. The solution has been in place for over a year. With no customer complaints and no extra support required from Nash Business Systems.
The system has revolutionised the businesses working procedure and improved their results. With no more penalties, increased customer relations and simpler working procedures.
If this problem sounds like one your business is facing then contact us today. We guarantee we can help you with your issues.
Is your business not working as well as it could be? Are your mistakes causing an increase in pressure from your customers? Are you losing profits due to financial penalties from customers?
Nash Business systems had a call from a business who did not have their process under control. As a reult they were facing complaints and penalties from their customers. Putting their business a risk.
The operators were labelling parts as they were packed from a sheet of labels. Their customer penalised them for mislabelling the parts. For different colours, hand, and part types. The labels had to be a particular size and display accurate information.
Our programmers spoke with the business owner and saw first hand the problem with the labels. We implemented a program to make it completely obvious which part they were packing. And also prevented them from changing parts to ensure labels were always correct.
Our customer received a productive system with no complaint reports from the customer. The system worked so well that no additional support was required. Meaning the customer could focus on growing their business, as the problem had been solved.
If this scenario sounds familiar to you and your business we can help you. Our programmers will come into your business and learn about you and the real problems you face. We have helped a wide variety of businesses in the manufacturing sector. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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