Are you prepared for Brexit’s arrival?

As a business owner are you concerned about what the next year will bring. The UK faces its most unknown future in many markets across the country in the new year and beyond. With no agreed deal and therefore not much to work with when business planning for the next 5 to 10 years.

Where do you start? As a business you know your current operating costs and how they impact upon your profits. Are you looking at how you can potentially make savings to your costs to alleviate the pressure Brexit may bring?

How can a system help?

Nash Business Systems have ten years’ experience helping businesses plan and make costs savings through efficient processes. As a result we have saved our customers hours in employee time on repetitive admin tasks. We know these tasks need to get completed but why have a fully trained manager spending hours on a task which a system could automate into a few seconds. This would free up the manager/employee’s time to do other more skilled vital jobs in your business.

A more streamlined process can make your business more efficient and will increase your competitive advantage. Therefore many businesses are moving forward with new systems which will remove inaccuracies from your processes. For instance this will increase their productivity and give them an advantage over competitors who use slower more traditional systems such as paper or excel based systems.

Brexit brings businesses into the unknown, there could be additional costs in customs or taxation meaning that every penny really does count. Reducing job and task time can save you employee hours allowing staff to concentrate on other areas of the business.

A system will allow you tighter controls, this may be on audits, a manufacturing process or a reduction of waste. Do you need to comply to a quality standard? For example, in the automotive industry TS16949 is your business meeting the regulations for this? Likewise a system can allow you to focus on all the elements you need to succeed. Furthermore you can monitor costs and changes and be ahead of any concerns or issues. As a result, this pro activity will give you and your business a head start against your competitors and the market.

In conclusion we offer a free consultation on a face to face or over the telephone or skype basis. We know we can help your business make a positive and pro-active step into 2020 and beyond. Make sure you do not get left behind and watch your competitors strive forward. Get in touch about your bespoke system today.

Brexit and beyond

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