There is usually an owner of a Project/Change, and they are responsible for making it happen. This person becomes very important as they know everything that is going on. We’ve already covered the “What if they get sick?” question in another article. Could you instantly look at the project/change progress and understand what is next?

That person is generally quite skilled, and although it’s their job to keep things moving, how much time do they spend chasing? Why are they chasing for updates? Can the team access their actions without having to contact the Project/Change owner, or wait for a meeting? Do the team understand what they need to do? Can the team update their own status?

What if your team had a system that they were working in all of the time? And that system had a list of all the actions from every project, so they did not need to go through every project spreadsheet that they are on.

My Actions Screen and Email

A My Actions screen reduces the system to just the actions that belong to you, so that you can see very quickly what you are responsible for. It’s like the actions from all Meeting Minutes in one place, which is always up to date. The My Actions email is sent out weekly to remind those uses that log in less frequently. Either way, communication is improved and automated. The owner may need to point the users in the direction of the system, but at least they’re not writing an email for every outstanding actions or sending out a blanket email where users would have to decode their actions.

Updating My Status

Every user can update the status of their action themselves, whether this is an update to the status text, or hitting the complete checkbox. How does your team currently update the project status? Wait for the meeting? Email the Project Manager?

Instant Overview

The data is live. As your business is updating the system continuously, you can see the current status of all of the Projects/Changes live in the system. You do not have to request it, you simply login, and look.

Sounds familiar?

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