Project Management Systems are not easy to use

If you have experienced other systems, have you found that project management systems are not easy to use? Is your experience at work that systems are not easy to use within a team. 
The Gateway system has a user friendly appearance and is simple to use. The simple user friendly appearance means that any level of IT users can work from the system. A simple layout means all team members can easily work together. To ensure that all tasks are completed.
Gateway means that all actions need to be completed before moving onto the next Gateway. By following this process it improves your teams working practice and procedures. All team members following one process within one system. Making working processes simple and straightforward.
This is a simple concept which users across manufacturing industries promote. Managers will need to approve the project before the process can move forward. Tasks must be finished before processes can move forward. Ensuring the job gets done the right way every time by all your team members.
This process is very clear and easy to visualise within the system. Managers can easily get an up to date overview of a project. Without the need to check progress across several systems and team members.
Customers who are using Gateway speak about how easy it is to use. All work stored and saved in one place removes losses. Lost files,  lost database entries, lost spreadsheets and read only copies. Everything you need in one place. No need for one superuser who has control of the data, this role can be shared across the whole team.
Gateway is so easy to use it will guide your business through processes. Saving hours of employee time, increasing your business efficiency. The accuracy that comes from a process system will mean less customer complaints. Alongside easier working processes for your team.
If you would like some further information about Gateway please contact us. Find out how it can work in your business.