Do you find that issues are not exposed easily within your project management system?

How do your team currently deal with issues when they occur? Do you feel they easily exposed? Or do you find that issues remain under your radar. If issues are missed does this have an impact on your business? Are the issues within your project management system? Or are issues hidden away in spreadsheets? As a business you need to expose issues and deal with them. 
When a problem arises by using the Gateway system team members can raise Issues. Users will have their own dashboard to easily identify their issues. They can clearly see what actions they need to take. Gateway system will also send an email out to all users who need to work upon an issue. Improving communication across your whole business. 
You will know of all current issues, their status and which team members they are assigned to. Gateway will improve customer satisfaction with your prompt response times. Project managers will be in full control for every process. Team members will know what they need to complete making processes clear. 
By using the Gateway system blockers are identified and dealt with quickly. A structured approach ensures greater efficiency within your business. It is easy for team leaders or project managers to assess the current situation of an issue. With Gateway to know where a current issue is at, the system provides an instant answer.  We understand now important quality control processes are in your business. Issues need to be identified and handled promptly. With Gateway it will guide your teams process to completion. 
Many businesses have already began to use the Gateway System, with excellent results. You can find out more by contacting us and one of our team can come back to you.