I like Excel, no other system compares.

When we speak to businesses about how they work they often tell us, I like Excel no other system compares. Excel is used by your team for projects? You have searched for alternatives but found that no other system compares.

Many users currently use Excel to manage their Gateways. Businesses know the limitations Excel can bring. With read only spreadsheets, one user access and risk of duplication or deleted cells. Gateway mirrors the typical Excel Gateways we have seen and adds many advantages.

With the Gateway system your team can work collaboratively to update the Gateways. The process is easier than copying and pasting the spreadsheet every time. Then managing this on a separate tracker. With a system in one place and easily accessible by multiple users in your team this ensures excellent collaboration.

Gateway is secure in a variety of ways to allow or prevent access outside of your business. This can allow employees the option of home working or remote working between sites.

Another brilliant feature is that documents, images and links can be added to the project. Keeping everything accessible in one place. No more lost files on someones computer.

The Gateway system allows businesses to massively increase efficiency. By following a Gateway process tasks are completed the right way by your team. Errors can be easily identified and addressed to prevent future errors or loss. Gateway removes your Excel headaches and streamlines the way your team work. All team members can use the system and ensure tasks get completed for projects. If an problem arises then new tasks can be added to address any errors found.

Previously you may have found that Excel is the way for you and no other system compares. However we know that by applying this process into your business your opinion will soon change.

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