Instant Overview

It’s quite common that businesses have 100’s of documents organised in a folder system on a network drive. It’s also quite common to see that one person is responsible for a spreadsheet, and providing manager’s or their teams with updates.

What does this mean? Your business may rely on a person to provide summaries. There is a cost to this activity. You only see what they show you. We have 2 features that remove these problems from your business.

Instant Access

The data is live. As your business is updating the system continuously, you can see the current status of all of the Projects/Changes live in the system. You do not have to request it, you simply login, and look.

Gateway Search

The Gateway Search screen is extremely useful as it summarises and filters all of the Project/Changes in one place. You can see how many overdue items are there, how many red, amber, green items. Instantly see any issues to help you keep an eye on threats to the projects/changes. You can filter the list so that you only see specific Project types, owner, department, or status.

Everybody can have a licence

Anybody in your business can connect to this system. There are no “per user” licences, so everybody can have a login, regardless of whether they use it all day every day, or once a year. This removes the limitations provided by many systems that prohibit the usefulness of their software.

What to do next?

Please get in touch with us, and we will show you how this system may apply to your business, as every business is unique.