Panic and Late Nights

This article came about from feedback from a few of our automotive customers. When we asked them why they liked our systems, they said that preparing for audits was a nightmare. They would have to bring all their spreadsheets up to date and check their integrity. They may not go home on-time for a couple of weeks and lose a little sleep over it.

Then, on the day, they would be rushing around trying to pull in bits of information from the various places.

With all their data in one place, always up to date, preparation was not required. The auditors rocked up, asked questions, asked more questions, and then some more. They saw that the processes were all in control with all the necessary information to hand. They would then quite quickly move to another department if they can’t find any loose ends to tug at.

This can be solved by creating or using systems that keep all the information in one place. We have done this with the Gateway System, so all evidence can be obtained if it is entered correctly. Failure to enter the information and follow the processes within the Gateway System will be a legitimate audit failure.

If you feel that the Gateway System may be able to help, please get in touch and we can help you to explore this further.