Are Project Management systems too expensive for all team members to have licences?

Have you looked into using other project management systems and found they are too expensive with user licences? Did this cost prevent you from using a system. Have you continued to use a spreadsheet based system which is free to use, but doesn’t do the job required. 

With Gateway your licence does not inhibit the number of users. This means you are no longer limited to how many users you can have due to cost. If previous project management systems have not been viable as you needed too many licences then Gateway is for you. 

Therefore you can have accounts for the rarest of users that may only use the system a couple of times per year. These occasional users have no extra cost. All team members can use the system following the same structured process. This is beneficial as all users can work together and use the same system ensuring clarity and efficiency.

For more information about the Gateway System and costs for your business please get in touch. If you have previously found that project management systems are too expensive for your team to all have licences, then contact us and see how Gateway is different. Many businesses have already implemented the system with excellent results. Make sure your business isn’t left behind.