Do you waste time chasing people because everything is hidden inside a spreadsheet?

Do your team spend hours of their working week chasing people, the owners of actions? Is it difficult to follow processes because everything is hidden.
Such a haphazard way of working can cause issues for your team. Which may impact your relationship with your customers. 
Using a spreadsheet can lead to problems within your team. Problems with saving when you have completed work. Other problems include locating the latest version and read only access. Another issue can be with deleted cells which have no audit log. Excel can be tricky for staff to use if they have not had training in the software. 
Unfortunately spreadsheets do not have a function to chase owners. There is no option for them to complete tasks or processes. Meaning that a member of your team needs to spend time chasing owners. This can be a lengthy, repetitive process for that team member. Such time consuming ways of working are not efficient for your business.
The Gateway system has weekly reminder emails that summarise a user’s actions. Emails are sent from the project to let user’s know that they have actions to complete. Approvers are automatically notified by email when requiring an approval.  This automation can save your business hours in time. Meaning team members can be more valuable to projects and completing actions. An increase in efficiency will add many benefits to your processes and working day.
The Gateway system will chase actions for you. Emailing the owners automatically when deadlines are due. This automation will get your team on track to more efficient working every time. Meaning no more wasted hours of work week chasing people.
Gateway will massively improve the way your business works. Taking control of how challenges are dealt with. With your team and departments working in the same way. Adding benefits to your processes. Through efficiency and control.