Recruitment software is a highly contested market, with many tailored solutions available. Nash Business Systems can offer you something different from the traditional model. We break away from the traditional model and cater for your specific needs.
We have worked with companies that recruit to employ people on a contractual basis. We have created systems that take the process from end to end.
· Client Database
· Creating the Job
· Adding the Candidate
· Booking Candidates against Jobs
· Timesheet Submission
· Creating Client Invoices
· Reconciling Candidate Invoices / Paying Candidates
If your business is working with paper, excel or Access then do not delay. Contact us and we can show you the many advantages of moving to an automated system.
We can also offer help and assistance with regards to permanent recruitment. Through experience we have a good understanding of the Permanent Recruitment process. We have supported businesses with their off-the-shelf systems already in place. We can add sections in which are required as your business grows.
If you feel that your existing system is missing something, or does not quite do what you want, let us know. We have also helped recruitment companies use API’s. And can offer direct connections to these databases to get what they want. From KPI’s, to large 55-inch dashboards in the office.

Are you finding that your current system at work is slow making it frustrating to use? Are you taking more time than is necessary to input client information into your system? Is the slowness making your business look unprofessional?

Recruitment is a fast paced ever changing industry. New clients need instant addition for any potential role matches. Job roles also need to added on as soon as possible to find a candidate. A slow system could mean that you are not making these matches swiftly. Has your business missed out on commission not matching the right candidate in time?
It may be that you are still running your business on paper files. This can also be a slow process and costly to maintain. Paper files mean that you need storage within your office premises. That staff will be accessing many files daily often meaning files can be hard to locate. Another consideration is the cost of paper filing. Your annual paper and ink costs as well as the space used to store, this can add up to more than you imagine.
Paper filing also limits staff and the option of working from home. Home working is now an option offered to employees from lots of businesses. It is also a benefit to offer your employees who can have the flexible option of working from home.
A system from Nash Business Systems can remove all your issues. It will run quicker than your excel and access databases. As you continue to add data over a period of time it will not become slower for users. Adding a client or a job role is instant and several users can use the system at the same time.
A system can allow users the flexibility of working from home or at a customer premises. A customer can see a professional business working for them. Adding value to your employees work/life balance and increase in staff retention.
If these are problems your business is facing and you want to move forward then contact us today. We have helped recruitment companies with their issues and we know we can help you and your business.
Do you feel that your competitors look more professional or than your business? Are you new to the market and want to make a great impression to your customers? Do you worry that a new all singing all dancing competitor in your area will take your clients?
Are you currently working on a small computer database alongside your paper files? Do you go to visit your clients and customers with a notepad and nothing else?
Perhaps your business is new to the market and you want to come across as a professional company. Your new business needs to make a great first impression. To portray your professionalism and capabilities to your potential customers.
A system from Nash Business Systems involves working with you for a design which suits you. Our systems work with your business and can give you a competitive advantage.
Present a professional appearance with your system. It will be usable on a laptop or handheld device. This will set a great impression of your professionalism. This will also keep your data more secure than a paper file which could be accessed or lost.
Your investment for your system means that it can grow alongside your business. Our systems are adaptable and can have new sections added when your business expands.
If you think that we can help you then contact us and let’s get the planning started. We can help you maximise efficiency and push forward to enable growth of your business. 
At the core of your business are your staff. They keep your day to day tasks up to date and know all your customers and clients. They are essential to your business operating each day.
Do you find it hard to keep your staff in their roles on a long term basis? Do they move on to your competitors and have you lost contracts because of this?
Have you looked into the reasons for this? Have you considered why your staff feel they do not want to stay long term? Do you need to or plan to increase benefits for your staff but need help?
A system can be of huge benefit to not only your staff but your business as a whole. Our experience allows us to offer you guidance and advice on how you can increase staff loyalty.
The benefits to you for avoiding staff resignation are;
  •  Less time and money spent on recruitment. Increased staff retention means you spend less time searching for staff and interviewing. You will save money as advertising for staff can be expensive and a lengthy process.
  • Better productivity for your business. Keeping your staff for longer means your productivity will increase. Your existing staff know your working processes. Becoming more efficient the longer they work on them. A new starter would take up time for inductions, training and errors when learning.
  • Employee loyalty building stronger relationships with your customers. We all have clients who like to deal with a particular member of your team. These strong relationships are fantastic and keeping customers happy is vital. However if your staff member leaves this can cause a disruption to this relationship. This may lead to your customer looking at options elsewhere which is the last thing you want!
Establishing that staff retention is so important to a business what can you do to make this a priority? A system can provide employees with an easier way to work. No messy paper files, access at anytime to a spreadsheet and automated tasks. Our systems are easy to use and we can help with training to ensure staff are confident and happy using the system. Removing their excel headaches overnight, meaning reduced stress and frustration.
A system can also provide the opportunity for staff to work from home. This can mean flexible working for staff which increases their work/life balance. If weather is bad or public transport gets cancelled staff can still work without hassle. The option to work from home is becoming a well recognised and used benefit for companies.
With no need for paper records working conditions will become cleaner. This can increase your staff’s calmness and improve their surroundings. Another small benefit which can make a huge difference to staff happiness at work.
If you would like our help in retaining your staff then contact us today. We have vast experience and can guide you along the process of developing a system. We can help you maximise efficiency and push forward to enable growth, contact us today to get started. 

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