Are your team meetings pointless?

Have you ever spent an hour or more of your working day sat in a team meeting? Did you feel it was worth your time?

As an employee we all know the feeling of attending a team meeting. Where your manager tells you tasks which haven’t been done well. What deadlines were missed and how the team could work better. But after the meeting how many action points get actioned? How many points are never mentioned again until the next meeting?

This failure to follow up on the points raised can make meetings feel like a waste of everyone’s time. Whilst in this meeting your ever-growing workload continues to grow on your desk. Emails and calls keep coming in.

On the other side are you a frustrated manager? Are you organising these team meetings? Only to find it impossible to keep track of all the points raised? You can see your team are becoming stressed and therefore need a way to bring everything together, but how?

Nash Business Systems has developed a brand-new task management system. We have listened to our customers and know that this can help. Designed for any size business Ted’s Tasks is just what you need to take back control.

Meeting minutes can be recorded in the system. You can take the notes during the meeting on your laptop or mobile device. Staff members can have tasks allocated to them. When the task is created, it can be immediately delegated. As a result you can leave a meeting and your team know exactly what they need to do. As a result knowing what tasks they need to complete.

Ted’s Tasks allows for excellent teamwork. For instance teams in different offices or different buildings can all work together. Attachments, email, photographs can all be added to the task page. As a result allowing everyone to easily view what they need.

Allocating a task is easy. Staff can see their new tasks and their current tasks on an easy to follow and easy to understand list. In addition tasks are simple to search and find, therefore ensuring an easy to use system for all. Every task will come with a full auditable trail, this is great for staff appraisals and future meetings.

Meetings will become much more productive and actions will become much easier to achieve. Staff will feel more motivated to contribute to meetings as tasks get done. Team meetings will become a much better place for idea sharing and solution finding. Ultimately making your business processes more efficient and creating a strong meeting culture.

An added benefit will allow all your team to feel more engaged in meetings and with the tasks which come from them. Resulting in better team work and a much stronger team ethos in your business.

In conclusion with Ted’s Tasks to help guide you through the whole process of an idea, to action and after that a completed task. As a result your meetings will mean so much more.

You can find out more today at

Ted’s Tasks taking back control

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