You are call 26 in our queue!

How often do you hear this? It’s usually followed by “please continue to hold as your call is important to us”. And you immediately think…Really?

We are all familiar in the modern age with an on-hold queue, so many companies have the dreaded press one for this and two for that and so on and then when you have navigated your way through the press by number maze often you are then placed in the queue. Or to add to your growing irritation you press a wrong number or are cut off and have to start again!

Some even give you a choice of music – classic, jazz, easy listening because they know you’re in for a long wait. This however often isn’t the case and you are subjected to an endless loop of music which then stops for the important message “please continue to hold, your call is important to us”. The time on hold can massively vary but anything after a couple of minutes begins to irritate even the calmest character.

Then suddenly, your call is answered you are introduced to your customer service handler who apologises for the time you have had to wait before your call was answered. To add insult to injury, once you finally speak to someone, they often ask you the same questions you’ve just answered to get through to a real person!

Now the next question is once you have explained your IT issue to the call handler, can they solve the problem? In some cases, they can help you directly, in other cases they are simply a call logger and will log the problem, your details and provide you with a call reference and the advice that a technician will be in touch. Some will give an estimated time of response, others will not.

But what do you do now? Is the software you need to get fixed preventing you from doing your job, is this time delay/shutdown causing you and your business to lose time and ultimately money? Are you simply left at your desk waiting for an email to advise you the problem has been fixed?

In our experience even large companies with their own IT Support can leave staff waiting hours, in some cases days for a fix to their problem with very little communication in the interim. This causes hours of lost work for companies, staff frustrations and very worst of all customer delays and complaints.

Another problem is when the technician advises the problem is fixed but it is not, how many times have you had to call back and wait again and then explain the whole history to another new call handler? Wasting more time and creating more frustration.

How are we different, at Nash Business Systems we don’t think life should be like this. we do not have a helpline number or email address, you can call us directly and we will answer your call and work on the issue straightaway. We know how important a working system is and we will never issue you with a work ticket number and come back to you next Wednesday with a solution.

This instant conversation means instant reporting of the problem – no push one for service, press 3 for IT Support and no work ticket number. We will listen and we will understand the problem and we will then get to work to fix it as soon as possible.

This customer service and communication is part of our business values and our customers love the fact that we are here on the end of the phone or on site when a problem does arise. If that is something that would massively help your business and remove the call centre rage, then give us a call and see how we could help you.


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