Today we are focusing on customer service, this can be difficult for businesses to manage. Businesses have many different methods to ensure customers are kept happy.

A popular option is the use of a CRM – a Customer Relationship Management tool. There are many versions in the marketplace which you can purchase and set up yourself. These can help monitor customer orders, trends and help you when issues arise.

The idea of a CRM is to put the customer at the centre of the relationship, to ensure that you know everything about your customer, who to speak to, previous successes and issues with them. All in one central place for all your staff to see.

However, using a CRM doesn’t mean an instant improvement within your business. You can only effectively serve your customers if your team actively use the system. If the system isn’t getting updated, then important data can be missed. This could potentially escalate a complaint further.

It is also worth remembering that a CRM is only as useful as the data it holds. Having little data input into the system will not help your team when they refer to it. Consistency is key when using a CRM successfully in business.

A CRM which is used by all your team members can greatly improve efficiency in your business. Issues can be dealt with proactively providing better service to customers. Systems can also help with new customer onboarding, sales opportunities, a contact log and complaint resolution.

When choosing the correct CRM for your business you should consider what works for you now but also what will work in the future. You should always consider that as your business grows will our CRM grow with us, or will it need to be replaced in the future? A replacement later down the line could mean further administration and staff training.

When using an off the shelf CRM your business is at the mercy of that design. Having a CRM which is Bespoke and tailored to your needs can be hugely beneficial. The system can really focus on what your business needs and can grow alongside you. If you need a special feature in place such as a renewal date or customer referral section, it can be added.

One feature a customer of ours mentioned was “The contact log feature is really useful as we can see what conversations have been had with our clients and who is dealing with queries. This makes it easier to deal with the client’s requests and makes it a better customer experience.” Charlotte – Customer Service Manager – Unico 3.

If your business is wanting to improve relationships with customers, then a CRM could be a really important tool for you.

Customer relationship
Customers need to be at the centre of the relationship

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