Are your team following processes?

We are not robots, but many roles in [industry] require us to follow strict processes. In the hope that if we complete tasks the same way every time, then how can anything go wrong? But are your team following processes, or are they all working in different ways?
When things do go wrong, do you have a system in place to review, improve and put in place new ways of working? Have you tried other methods to correct this which haven’t worked or have proved hard to install.
The Gateway System from Nash Business Systems can guide you through these processes. Allowing your team to follow processes with ease. The same way, every time for the whole team.
Extra features include that you can attach work instructions to every task. Therefore you can for regulate procedures. This sets out a clear process each time for that task.
Gateway offers easy reminders to staff in your team. If part of the process is missing, such as a quality control check, there will be a reminder so it doesn’t get missed.
There is no more time wasted trying to hunt for documents. Documents and images can be attached within the system. No more searching email folders or computer files for details you need.
Gateway makes processes easier to follow for your team. Ensuring all actions and tasks are completed every time. Therefore eliminating error and increasing efficiency for your business.
Gateway allows you to create several templates or blueprints for a Project Process. Meaning your team is following processes every time. All users know their tasks and what needs to completed. 
An easy to use system for your whole team. You can make updates to the template to improve quality of the process. If you receive a customer complaint Gateway is easy to adjust. Making a new process to follow to avoid making the same errors again. Working with your business saving time and money.
Try Gateway in your business, contact us to find out more.