Has a member of your team left the business?

If the project owner was to leave your business could you ensure a smooth transition. For both your team and your customers? Has a member of your team left the business sometimes at short notice which has left a hole in your processes.
With Gateway all tasks, documentation is easy to locate. With easy access another employee can easily continue with a project or process. No lost documents, files or images on an old employee login.
The last twelve months have shown businesses how important continuity can be. When employees are off for a period of time. The Gateway system allows greatest efficiency for staff members. Especially when covering a colleagues work with ease of access to all they need.
Covid 19 meant that team members were having to self isolate with no notice period. Gateway allows other team members to easily know which stage a process is upto. Tasks are viewable and can be updated as production continues. Increasing your businesses efficiency saving your team members time.
Gateway System also allows a replacement team member is needed. To enable them step into their colleagues shoes. Team members will know exactly what is required from them at every stage. Using the system as a guide they can navigate a colleagues role and complete their processes. 
Do you have processes in place which stop or fall apart when a key member of your team is absent, or were to leave? Gateway system removes this headache for managers. Allowing continuation for processes and tasks. This ability to continue easily will ensure your production continues without delay. 
If you want to find out more about The Gateway System for your business please get in touch via our contact form.