Taking Pride in What We Do

At Nash Business Systems we always strive to provide an excellent service. Delivering exemplary systems. We always love to hear from users of our systems and how they make an impact on their working routine. Our team taking pride in what we do and all we achieve.

At Christmas time we received a gift from our customer Unico 3. We have worked with Unico 3 for a few years now and have watched their business go from strength to strength. The gift was a booklet from their team telling us all the things they like about the system we have developed.

Unico 3 provide outsourced expertise in accountancy, administration, compliance, and contractor support. We have supported them as their business has grown and gone from strength to strength. Developing a user-friendly system ensuring their processes streamlined and efficient.

We wanted to share some of the features we have included within a system.

Businesses often have several spreadsheets full of information. These can be difficult to maintain and can often loose information if unsaved. Moving away from Excel and into a computer system is beneficial. The information can be stored in a central database. All the information could be combined within the same system. Allowing easy updates and multiple users.

When we learn about business processes, we advise where automating a task can save your business time. With Unico 3 we learnt that one process took over 2 hours to complete, which was repeated 400 times a quarter. That is a lot of employee time for your business. We automated this process, so it now takes no time.

Save hours of time for your business tasks

Another way a system can help is with complicated calculations. When done manually these can take a lot of time and often leads to errors. Humans are not robots and mistakes are expected occasionally. When part of a system these can be calculated by any member of your team. The control in the system means errors are removed and the process is much quicker for staff to complete.

When we complete a system for customers, we always want their feedback. We continue to support them as their business grows and changes need to be made. We like to know their current headaches at work and to see how changes to systems can help them.

Receiving the booklet from Unico 3 was simply brilliant! Our whole team loved reading it and enjoyed all the fantastic comments, we all felt very proud. To know what a difference the systems we have built have made to people in their working lives is so rewarding. As a team we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction with everything we build.

We are looking for new businesses to speak with. To advise how we could help your working practices and remove your daily headaches. We can tailor a system for all your needs. An off the shelf CRM system leaves you at the mercy of that design. A bespoke system could be what you need and what will work for you. Why not contact us to find out more.

Thank you Unico 3 for your kind words